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Quick Painitng
Magnus the Snowman by Midaxz
Harry the villager by Midaxz
Warning - Smiley Eyes   one char only
Warning - Smiley Eyes   A really simple background
Warning - Smiley Eyes  I've haven't done much of these and only portraits as far, so won't do anything complex.

If you like I can make it to a speedpaint with music of your choice (or anythning fitting if you don't have any song in particular)

-    Reff(s) of the char
-    If there's anything in particular you want included
a Hug for Everyone
A Hug for xShooryx by Midaxz
A Hug For Princessdirkjake by Midaxz
Cartoon-ish style, layer-mode shading, colored lineart.

Please, fill the template and note me;

Reffs: Fullbody reffs of 2 characters, Humanoid, 'cause they must be able to stand up and hug eachothers
Relationship: How's their relationship? Siblings? Friends? Lovers? I wouldn't mind a few lines about how they met and such.
Height Difference: Kinda important, so I can get the proportions right!
Other: Anything else you've thought of?






Amy's a kickass mom! by Midaxz
Headshot ~ $3
Bust ~ $5
Fullbody ~ $6

+ $1 for every added character

Sketchy - Flatcolor

RIP Pirate Cove by Midaxz Filip Griff by Midaxz Kung Fu Wolf by Midaxz
Headshot ~ $5
Bust ~ $7
Fullbody ~ $8

+ $2 for every added character

Sketchy - Simple Shading

Well, Hello There Puppy by Midaxz Billie Hummel by Midaxz Noboru Sensei by Midaxz
Headshot ~ $8
Bust ~ $10
Fullbody ~ $11

+ $2 for every added character


Fine lines or lineless. Neat shading and quite semirealistic.

 Stop Chewing Your Stupid Gums And Do as I Do! by Midaxz Why, Father? by Midaxz 

Mature Content

Freddy my head is gone! by Midaxz

Mature Content

Synthetic Agony by Midaxz

Headshot ~ $12
Bust ~ $14
Fullbody ~ $16

+ $2 for every added character


Simple one's as gradients or textures are for free.

If you want anything in particular and in detail, I may charge a bit, depending on the complexity.

Important Info

I'd Love to Draw

  Bullet; Green Humans
  Bullet; Green Animals with human anatomy
  Bullet; Green Fanart, but preferably something I know about.
  Bullet; Green YOUR characters
  Bullet; Green Someone else's character with their permission
  Bullet; Green Love of all kinds (any sexuality/religion/age/amount of ppl)
  Bullet; Green Naked in a non-sexual way (Example Example Example
  Bullet; Green Blood and Gore 

I Can Try to Draw

  Bullet; Yellow Canines
  Bullet; Yellow Felines

I Don't Want to Draw

  Bullet; Red Cars or other vehicles 
  Bullet; Red Most other animals (still, you could always ask and I see what I feel about it)
  Bullet; Red Sexual scenes

I can turn a commish down if I don't feel comfortable doing it!

To commission me...

  Bullet; Purple You need to send me a note with the following information:
        -What format (headshot/bust/fullbody)
        -What style (Sketch/flat color/shaded/complex)
        -What kind of background you want
        -How many characters
        -Reff-pics and their personality
        -If several characters, their relationships would be fun knowing
        -Anything other you got in mind? Please, describe how you want it as detailed as you can, I want to make as good piece of art for you as possible!

If you commission a more detailed or more complex work, I will send sketch and wips for you to see and you can tell me if there's anything MINOR you'd like me to adjust.

I won't start on a commission until I've gotten the payment!

Since I got school and other things in life, I'll only accept 3 commishes at a time!

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Wingardium Leviosaaaaah
  • Reading: BoO (going slow)
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: Cola

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