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Midaxz Duh!
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What would Sherlock Holmes do by RebelOreo When no-one's looking. by LetsSaveTheUniverse Stamp - I want Llamas by LitaOliveira
Hello everybody!! You know what? I've written 4 chapters now and has come almost as far as where we stopped. I think this is so much better that before and I hope you guys think that too! Eehm, the chapters will be a *ehum*little*ehum* longer, but that's okay I hope. 
I think and hope I can start submitting the chapters, I'd just want someonethatsgoodatenglishtoreaditandcheckthegrammarandshit before, I'd want to make it as perfect as I can for you guys (and I learn from my mistakes too!)! My English teacher said that she maayybe could do it in some weeks (much things going on now in the beginning of the school), but, haha, I'm to excited and don't want to wait that loooooooong Llama Emoji-47 (Pretty Please) [V2] Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] . Would you guys survive them if they uncorrected?

Anyway, I've changed it's name because.... well "Changes" doesn't say ANYTHING about it, so that's why ^^

It'll now on be called....


*paradamdamdam daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*
"LUCKY" !!!!

Yess, that's a MUCH better name, haha :P

Well that's all, I think. Otherwise, I'll let you know in another Changes LUCKY News Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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[ADOPTABLE] Halloweendoges ~ OPEN by Midaxz
[ADOPTABLE] Halloweendoges ~ OPEN
First come, fist serve. Please, mention me on the first picture, I'd like to see it :) I really like Insane and Skelly, so they'll be a little more expensive than the other two.

You decide gender.

Insanedoge: 40Points  [ON HOLD]
Sewedoge: 20Points [SOLD]
Weredoge: 20Points 
Skellydoge: 40Points [ON HOLD]

Write which one you'd like to buy and I get it on hold till you've paid. 

You may do whatever you want with them, except reselling for higher prize than you paid for. Thanks!
[ASSIGNMENT] Faine's Parent day by Midaxz
[ASSIGNMENT] Faine's Parent day
Assignment for my OC Faine in the group HalfBlood-Hill He's playing pinochle with his father and siblings.

From left to right: Dionysos(that version: Mr. Riordan's ), Faine, Zephyr (xDiablerie's) and Gracie (LuckyBucky74's). 

Sorry for messy lines, messy hands and messy shading/lighting (Gash, I really don't like cell-shading shit). I was pretty lazy with it, but I just didn't want Faine to get a deathstrike ^^

Well, for points. +5 for doing the assignment, +4 for backrounded, colored and lines etc etc etc and +6 for 3 additional characters. Total: 15 points. 

Art(c) ME
Characters (c) their owners, I mentioned them above.
LUCKY [cover] by Midaxz
LUCKY [cover]
Why not have a horizontal cover?? 

Um, I finland it yesterday and... I dunno, but I think I'd be able to start publishing soon. Just have to see if mr. Teacher has correcter the first chapter yet... But here's a little teaser, I guess. 
''Hi, it's mum. I have bad news'' by Midaxz
''Hi, it's mum. I have bad news''
It was in the morning on Saturday the 22th of Mars. I'd had a Greek God-themed party to celebrate my birthday and some friends had slept over. Me and two friends stood in the hallway, dressed in pajamas and laughing at some shitty jokes as we waited for their ride home. Then my dad came over to me and gave me his phone, saying it was to me. I took it and looked at the screen, raising an eyebrow at the name I was seeing on the display. I wave at my friends to wait before I go to another room and answer the phone. 'Hello?'
"Hi, Moa. It's mum. I have some bad news; your Brother is dead"
Faine Radcliff by Midaxz
Faine Radcliff

[[Well, another one of my Percy Jackson-OC's. I think I'm gonna make him join HalfBlood-Hill, but I dunno if I can handle 2 chars xP But i felt like I'd want to make a profile for him, anyway. I really like him :)]]


Full Name: Faine Gareth Radcliff

Nickname: Fai [;Fey]

Meaning of Name: Faine; good-natured, Gareth; gentle, Radcliff; red cliff

Supporting or Main: supporting

Age: 17 years

Gender: Male

Birthday: 31 of October

Hometown: Memphis

Current Residence: Camp Halfblood

Nationality: English-Amercian

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Hair (Color/Style): Black with shades of puple.

Eye (Color/Sight Skill): Green.

Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Tattoo of a vampire-bite on his neck. Spectum, bridge, snake bites, industrial in left ear and targus in both. Has a big burn scar on the right side of his face.

Physical Description: Skinny and thin. Build pretty robustly, but is underweighted. He’s not in that good shape and is weak.

Clothing Style: Black sacky clotes with nits and chains.

Sexual Orentation: Asexual


Disorders: eating disorder, dyslexia

Traits: faine gets grumpy when he’s hungry, and thanks to his eating disorders, it’s pretty often. He’s not so social, grumpy or not, and can easily snap and growl at you. He’s a really reserved person and if you doesn’t make a good first impression, he find it hard to ever like you. If he talks, he’s not afraid to tell his opinion, even if it could hurt someone.

Fears/Phobias: Darkness and blood.

Favorite Band: Tokio Hotel

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book: The perks of being a wallflower

Best School Subject: Bunking

Worst School Subject: P.E

Likes: Sleeping, just flow around like a shadow, not being mind by others.

Dislikes: Dionysos. Food. When people ask him questions or when people look at him for too long. He doesn’t like having other’s attention and finds people who are too happy really annoying.


Mother: Audry Radcliff

Father: Dionysos

Step-Parent(s)/Foster Parent(s): N/A

Siblings: Cabin #12

Step-Sibling(s): N/A

Closest Friends: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Crush(es): N/A


Weapon of Choice: a short variant of spear. Tho he often chooses to use his Chlorokinesis powers instead.

Mist Version: A chain

Best Camp Activity: Sleeping

Worst Camp Activity: Capture the flag and climbing wall.

Fatal Flaw: Rebellious, never does anything someone tells him to do.

Abilities: Chlorokinesis (Ability to manipulate plants) and he can also affect satyrs when talking to them (a little).


Internal Conflict: Angry at the mythological world for making his mother sick and paranoia.

Internal Motivation: Thinks that his mother would be sick anyway and only she can find her way back to her old self.

External Conflict: Can’t accept and tolerate critique or opinions talking against his own.

External Motivation: Tries to think that people are stupid and isn’t worth wasting energy on what they think about things.

Traumatic Events: Got abused so bad he had to go to a hospital.


Faine grew up with the wrong sort of people. His mother was an alcoholic and a misuser. She was a nice mother, but all her boyfriends were harsh and abusive, making Faine trying to spend as little time at home.

Faine was early drawn to older kids, interested in everything that broke rules and laws, especially the thing called alcohol. He was a curious child and also got the strong rebellious personality from his mother, he just had to know what the grown ups around him was drinking and smoking. He often skipped school and hung around with rebels like him and tried to get his hands on tobak and something to drink.

Faine’s parents, Audry and Dionysos, met at a party, and the father found pretty fast that Audry was an interesting woman. Then, Audry lived the lighter parts of her life and was a steady woman and really knew what she wanted. Though, she couldn’t handle the truth about the gods and monsters walking the earth when Dionysos decided to tell her. Saying that she was protecting her newborn boy, she tried to hide from Dionysos and anything that had to with the mythological world to do. Dionysos came to visit a few times in Faines life, but Audry chased him away and Faine never understood that it had been his father trying to talk to him.

In his life, he’d met several satyrs saying they’d take him to a safe place, but he never came with them. At last, he told them to seek him up again, and he never saw one again.  At the age of 14, three demigods had found him and dragged him to camp. They told him that they found him by accident, but later Faine wondered if that really was true.


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Pixel-troy by Midaxz
Pixel-Faine by Midaxz
Pixel-Chibi with easy animation. I'd prefer a fullbody reff, but it's ok with an pretty detailed description (but keep in mind that english is my second language, so pleaso no complicated words xD)
a Hug for Everyone
a Hug for PewdieCry by Midaxz
a Hug for Me by Midaxz
A hug for Abissh by Midaxz
Cartoon-ish style, cell-shading and -lightning.

Please, fill the template and note me;

Reffs: (fullbody reffs of 2 characters, Humanoid, 'cause they must be able to stand up and hug eachothers)
Personalities: (just some brief explanations, just so I know how their expression will be)
Other: (anything else you've thought of?)



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